Graduate School strengthens the university's scientific environment

Published: 30 May 2018

The SPLIT Graduate School (Language and Literature Didactics in the New Media Landscape) met recently at Luleå University of Technology. For the university's research environment in the Swedish subject, the school is an important tool for establishing contacts with researchers from other universities

– A research school of this kind is very important to our subject. The critical mass grows and PhD students get a wide network of prospective colleagues. Exchange and critical reading from elsewhere is always enriching and instructive. For us in Luleå, it is also very fun to have visiting researchers from other universities for a few days. This was the third time, says Anna Nordenstam, professor at Luleå University of Technology.

Building a research front

The SPLIT graduate school began in 2015 and is a national research school consisting of five universities: Linköping University, Luleå University of Technology, Malmö University, Södertörn University and Umeå University. At the end of the year, the graduate school ends, but the lessons learned from the school will be of great use in the future work at Luleå University of Technology.

–  This research school is of great importance to us at Luleå University of Technology as it broaden and strengthens our research environment. Together we build a research front in the field of language, literature didactics and new media, which is important for teacher education, says Caroline Graeske, Assistant Professor at the University, and continues.

– We hope, of course, that the new graduate school (in cooperation with the region of Norrbotten, the municipality of Bodens and Luleå municipality) at the university will allow us to continue working on these issues. Being in a large research environment as a PhD student is invaluable and maybe some new PhD students are interested in issues related to SPLIT; questions about language and literature didactics in the new media landscape.

Stimulating exchanges

During the meeting at Luleå University of Technology lectures, text discussions and career planning for PhD students were organized.

– SPLIT meets every semester for a so-called internat. Then both doctoral students and supervisors will meet for two days. It is very stimulating to follow the doctoral dissertation project and instructive for everyone with these exchanges, said Caroline Graeske.

– We usually also have lectures and recently, both Ingemar Friberg, Fredrik Sjöberg and Karolina Parding from Luleå University of Technology spoke about their research on the teaching profession in relation to fronesis, evidence-based knowledge and the report on teachers, says Anna Nordenstam.


Anna Nordenstam

Nordenstam, Anna - Professor and Head of Subject

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Caroline Graeske

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