Music students want to help children with special needs

Published: 27 August 2018

This summer, 14 students have completed the LTU Business Innovation Program Impact Lab. There, the participants have developed their own innovative ideas to help achieve the UN's global sustainability goals. The winners became music students Johanna Muntlin and Elvira Seger who want to help children with special needs.

– We are very happy that everyone is so positive and helpful with our idea. In five years, we want to be a national movement that engages hundreds of people, we want to create a documentary and collaborate with even more organizations. We want more people to tell their story, said Elvira Seger.

Culture for all can be described as a movement where anyone who wants can help children with special needs to express themselves culturally with the help of singing and music. The students already have a collaboration with a school in Norrbotten and Norrbottens museum, now they hope to grow even further. As a winner of Impact Lab, Johanna Muntlin and Elvira Seger received 10,000 SEK in consultantscheques to further develop their idea. Johanna Muntlin studies rock song and Elvira Seger studies jazz saxophone at Luleå University of Technology.

– It has been a great summer with devoted students who have come a long way with their ideas. The program has developed into one of our most important efforts to help university students to work more entrepreneurially, said Johan Bergström, business developer at LTU Business.

Impact Lab has been around for four years and is a summer program where students can explore ideas and develop entrepreneurial skills as a summer job. A total of about 50 students have participated and about 20 companies have started as a result of the program.

The program is funded by Luleå University of Technology, Region Norrbotten, Längmanska företagarfonden, Arctic Business Incubator and LTU Business AB.