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Commissioned - develop the business together with us!

Department of Arts, Communication and Education(KKL) has extensive experience in education work in many different subjects and fields of knowledge. Our extensive expertise in education and research with a focus on teaching and learning, special education, language, mathematics, music, media, dance, sports, recreation, natural sciences and philosophy means that we can develop interventions in close collaboration with your clients.

We develop both short training sessions and more process-oriented training in public and private activities. Depending on your needs, we can implement a points-or certificate rewarding course, one training day for the staff group, a seminar or tutorial series, a development project or a project evaluation. Is this what you are looking for or you have other creative ideas? Please contact us so we argue on!

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Greta Lindberg

Greta Lindberg, Lecturer

Phone: +46 (0)920 491026
Organisation: Education, Education and Languages, Department of Health, Education and Technology