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News from the Water Research School autumn 2021

Published: 17 November 2021

The Water Research School's activities continues. Currently, 74 PhD students are participating and 20 people have graduated since the Water Research School started.

During the autumn, three courses were given. One course was about membrane cleaning technology and was organized by VA-teknik Södra. Another course on risks and risk management organized by DRICKS is now being completed.

Earlier in the autumn, the course Sampling and Measurements in Urban Water Engineering was given by Stormwater&Sewers. Thirteen PhD students and two professionals followed the course. The first day focused on what to consider when planning a sampling, eg concerning sampling volumes, types of bottles, etc. in relation to what the purpose of the sampling is. Continuous measurements were also affected. The second day of the course was entirely dedicated to practical work. Automatic samplers were programmed and course participants learned which mistakes to avoid. Different types of flow measurement were tested, both for natural watercourses and in pipe networks. On the last day, the course participants learned more about proportional sampling and what the difference will be with time, flow and volume proportional sampling. Finally, course participants learned more about how to handle data series obtained from continuous measurements and how uncertainties in data can be handled.

- I think the course had a very instructive combination of theory and practice with labs, which for me gives both a better understanding and becomes easier to remember. The course described in a very good way how many and how different factors can affect the result both in terms of flow measurements and sampling and how these can be taken into account, says Anna Bellner, VA engineer at Nodra AB in Norrköping.

All courses within the Water Research School are open to professionals. During the year, the Water Research School's steering group, together with a representative from Swedish Water, developed the forms for the courses for the professionals. If you specifically work with issues that are addressed in the Water Research School's courses, most people have a very large exchange of courses and should not be afraid that the courses are in English. Some preparation, such as reading an article or doing an exercise before, may be required. However, professionals do not have to carry out any examination after the course meetings. It is enough to be active during the lessons.

In the spring of 2022, three courses will be offered. Stormwater&Sewers is responsible for the course Stormwater management. Sweden Water Research gives the course Management in the Water Sector. VA-teknik Södra will give the course Popular Science Writing (in Swedish).  

Annelie Hedström

Annelie Hedström, Professor

Phone: +46 (0)920 492309
Organisation: Urban Water Engineering, Architecture and Water, Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering