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Course: Sampling and Measurements in Urban Water Engineering

Published: 2 June 2021

Water Research School open PhD course on stormwater sampling

Are you interested in stormwater sampling and measurements and want to learn more about it and deepen your knowledge? Then look out for the course in this subject given by Luleå University of Technology within the framework of the national Water Research School this autumn.

In this course you will learn which aspects you should consider when planning water sampling and flow measurements in urban water systems. Theoretical studies are combined with practical exercises in field and laboratory.Parts of the course are how to measure flow in both pressurised pipes and open channels using different measurement techniques as well as under what conditions different techniques can be used. You will develop a sampling plan for a project of your choice and we will discuss different sampling strategies and chemical analyses as well as their pros and cons. Using your own field measurements from the course, you will train in how to estimate the uncertainty in flow measurements and samples and how to calculate the resulting uncertainty in the final results from your measurement/sampling campaign. Furthermore, you will learn about different methods for measurements of precipitation.

The estimated workload for this PhD course is 65 hours, 24 of which are scheduled for a three day meeting in Luleå. PhD candidates can receive 2.5 course credits. For you working in the water sector, the time to be spent on the course has been estimated to about 30 hours since some preparation is needed prior to the scheduled lessons. Professionals can receive a diploma confirming that they have completed the course. The following is required to obtain a course diploma: I) Assignments handed out in preparation for the course meeting must be completed, and II) Mandatory and active attendance at all lessons, seminars and exercises.

When?: October 12th - October 14th, 2021
Course fees for professionals: 12,500 SEK
Course coordinator: Annelie Hedström, Luleå University of Technology

Due to the pandemic the maximum number of participants is limited to 24.

To register for the course, please contact Catherine Paul, Director of Studies, Water Research School:

Annelie Hedström

Annelie Hedström, Professor

Phone: +46 (0)920 492309
Organisation: Urban Water Engineering, Architecture and Water, Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering