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New reports on stormwater research in Sweden and microplastics in stormwater

Published: 31 March 2022

In autumn 2021 and winter 2022 respectively, three new stormwater reports have been produced and published on behalf of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

The report on Swedish stormwater research during the period 2012-2021 provides a comprehensive update of both the breadth and depth of stormwater research in Sweden in a national and international context and gives an overview of the current state of knowledge within a Swedish research context. It concludes by identifying a number of knowledge gaps and makes recommendations for further research to enable cities’ to manage their release of diffuse pollution to receiving waters and improve the sustainability of stormwater management in Sweden. The report is published in both an English and Swedish version.

The microplastics report presents results from a study on the occurrence and composition of microplastics in roadside stormwater runoff from rain and snowmelt, accumulation of microplastics in stormwater bioretention facilities, their treatment performance, as well as pathways of microplastics distribution during snowmelt.