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Two new projects on stormwater management in development districts and from railway infrastructure

Published: 15 October 2021

Two new projects, both related to stormwater management in built-up areas, have recently been granted by Vinnova and the Swedish Transport Administration, respectively.

In the recently approved Vinnova Challenge-Driven Innovation stage 2 project "Collaboration for sustainable stormwater management in development districts", the Stormwater&Sewers parties RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Luleå University of Technology and Östersund municipality along with about 20 other project partners will collaborate in finding solutions and opportunities to create sustainable stormwater management in built-up areas. The project is led by RISE and connects to the Challenge-Driven Innovation stage 1 project that identified several focus opportunities in order to take the next step in the transition towards sustainable management of stormwater in development districts, both through policy innovation, sustainability analysis, standardization, innovation and new business models in the short and long term. The project will run from September 2021 to August 2023.

Furthermore, the Swedish Transport Administration has granted funding for the project "Management of flows and pollutants from railway infrastructure". The project is a literature study. Its main purpose is to summarize current national and international knowledge in order to be able to meet current and future environmental requirements when planning railway infrastructure. The study will also focus on the extent to which different parts of the railway structure contribute to the spread of pollutants as well as how and when water needs to be treated to ensure an acceptable load of pollutants in the receiving waters.


Godecke-Tobias Blecken

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