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Publicerad: 13 maj 2011

Artikel i tidskrift

A Data-Driven Approach to Stormwater Quality Analysis in Two Urban Catchments (2022)

Larm. T, Wahlsten. A, Marsalek. J, Viklander. M
Sustainability, Vol. 14, nr. 5
Artikel i tidskrift

An evaluation of temporal changes in physicochemical properties of gully pot sediments (2022)

Wei. H, Muthanna. T, Lundy. L, Viklander. M
Environmental Science and Pollution Research
Artikel i tidskrift

Blue-Green Infrastructure for All Seasons: The Need for Multicolored Thinking (2022)

Sagrelius. P, Lundy. L, Blecken. G, Rizzo. A, Viklander. M
Journal of Sustainable Water in the Built Environment, Vol. 8, nr. 4
Artikel i tidskrift

Circular Economy in Wastewater Management—The Potential of Source-Separating Sanitation in Rural and Peri-Urban Areas of Northern Finland and Sweden (2022)

Lehtoranta. S, Laukka. V, Vidal. B, Heiderscheidt. E, Postila. H, Nilivaara. R, et al.
Frontiers in Environmental Science, Vol. 10
Artikel i tidskrift

Comparing different recalibrated methods for estimating mean radiant temperature in outdoor environment (2022)

Ouyang. W, Liu. Z, Lau. K, Shi. Y, Ng. E
Building and Environment, Vol. 216
Artikel i tidskrift

Correction: Gasperi et al. Micropollutants in Urban Runoff from Traffic Areas: Target and Non-Target Screening on Four Contrasted Sites. Water 2022, 14, 394 (2022)

Gasperi. J, Le Roux. J, Deshayes. S, Ayrault. S, Bordier. L, Boudahmane. L, et al.
Water, Vol. 14, nr. 14