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Publications Architecture and Water

Published: 13 May 2011

Article in journal

Abundance, distribution, and composition of microplastics in the filter media of nine aged stormwater bioretention systems (2023)

Lange. K, Furén. R, Österlund. H, Winston. R, Tirpak. R, Nordqvist. K, et al.
Chemosphere, Vol. 320
Article, review/survey

Microplastics in urban catchments: Review of sources, pathways, and entry into stormwater (2023)

Österlund. H, Blecken. G, Lange. K, Marsalek. J, Gopinath. K, Viklander. M
Part of: Science of the Total Environment
Data set

On-site greywater treatment systems - influent and effluent quality (2023)

Sami. M, Hedström. A, Kvarnström. E, Herrmann. I
Article in journal

Polymer-assisted hydraulic dredging for quality control of stormwater pond sediment and reject water – Influence of polymer choice and its preparation (2023)

Nyström. F, Herrmann. I, Hedström. A, Viklander. M
Journal of Water Process Engineering, Vol. 51