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Division of Architecture and Water

The Divison of Architecture and water covers research topics Architecture and Urban water, and includes also research in traffic engineering and renewable energy. Together we are about 40 people and we have a very broad expertise in both education and research.


Architecture includes building construction, urban planning, cultural heritage, spatial planning and transport planning with the aim of sustainable development of the society. The research team sees architecture as constructive, economical, practical and functional design integrated with the aesthetic, harmonious, and symbolic dimensions. It also includes the relationship between people, nature, history and built environment in different levels of society.

We investigate and develop innovative proposals on how planning processes further can be developed, how the urban and built environments, and buildings can be designed to better meet the needs and demands, due to large variations in seasonal climate and future climate change. This puts special demands on how the buildings, urban structures, and traffic systems are designed, and how they are integrated. Also how the buildings are located and designed, and how to enrich the living environment both indoors and outdoors for a long winter season. Our research in traffic including road safety, accessibility and security in urban areas for pedestrians and cyclists, especially for the weakest road user groups: children, adolescents, elderly. Traffic planning and physical measures in the traffic environment is also studied.

Sanitary Engineering

Sanitary Engineering focuses on water supply and sewerage systems with based on the sustainability and wise use of resources. We work with quantity and quality issues relating to day-and melt water, wastewater and drinking water in different stages of processing.

Nutrient cycling and issues related to thermal effects of water and wastewater systems are essential, as are application in the society of the constructed subject knowledge.

Our research area is sustainable water systems in the built environment - quality, treatment, transportation, systems analysis and management. Our vision of our research is to support the development of sustainable urban water systems. Our focus is on:

  • Snow- and storm water quality and purification
  • Climate Change and the urban water system
  • Collecting system
  • Wastewater treatment in small-scale sewage

Renewable energy

Renewable energy includes systems for renewable energy or increased use of renewable energy. The research started in 1979 as part of LTU's Department of Water Resources Engineering. This heritage is reflected still in both research and education. The group's mission statement is to develop tools and methods that improve the system for renewable energy or increase the use of renewable energy. Our courses are all related to the topic.

In addition to the above described topics we also give an extensice education in Geographic Information Technology. Link