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Processmetallurgi Lab

Metallurgiskt laboratorium

Heat Microscope
Heating microscope with automatic image analysis

Heating microscope with automatic image analysis

The instrument is a complete testing system designed to easily determine the high-temperature characteristics of a wide range of materials. Temperatures up to 1600°C.

Glodande pellets komp.jpg

High temperature reduction and smelting/softening testing equipment

Tube furnace with possibility to perform controlled reduction as well as melting/softening tests. Temperatures up to 1600°C.

High temperature reduction and strength under load testing equipment

Tube furnace equipped such that testing of strength can be performed at high temperature and with controlled furnace atmosphere.


Equipment for measuring CRI/CSR for coke

Test equipment according to ISO 18894. Standardised test in order to determine coke reactivity and strength after reaction.

induction furnace 1.jpg

High frequency furnace

60 kW, where up to 25 kg copper or 8 kg steel can be melted in a few minutes.

tamman furnace 1.jpg

Basic furnace equipment

Muffel furnaces, Tamann furnace, tube furnaces and rotating furnace giving possibilities to large variety of experiments. Temperatures up to 2000°C.