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The Tectonic and Structural Classifications of the Western Part of the Zagros Fold and Thrust Belt, North Iraq, Review and Discussion (2017)

Zainy. M, Al-Ansari. N, Bauer. T, Ask. M
Journal of Earth Sciences and Geotechnical Engineering, ISSN: 1792-9040, Vol. 7, nr. 2, s. 71-89
Artikel i tidskrift

The Impacts of Climate Change on Fitzroy River Basin, Queensland, Australia (2017)

Abbas. N, Wasimi. S, Bhattarai. S, Al-Ansari. N
Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture, ISSN: 1934-7359, Vol. 11, nr. 1, s. 38-47
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Numerical Analyses of Earthquake Induced Liquefaction and Deformation Behaviour of an Upstream Tailings Dam (2017)

Auchar Zardari. M, Mattsson. H, Knutsson. S, Khalid. M, Ask. M, Lund. B
Advances in Materials Science and Engineering, ISSN: 1687-8434, Vol. 2017
Doktorsavhandling, sammanläggning

Mechanical Behavior of Tailings (2017)

Bhanbhro. R
Artikel i tidskrift

Kicks controlling techniques efficiency in term of time (2017)

Darwesh. A, Maack Rasmussen. T, Al-Ansari. N
Engineering, ISSN: 1947-3931, Vol. 9, nr. 5, s. 482-492