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Instrument List

Published: 5 April 2011

Equipment at the Environmental lab, CENE

Contact: Désirée Nordmark,



Autoburette, ABU 901

Automatic titration

Autoclave, Certoclave


Centrifuges, Eppendorf 5804

Rotor - max 12000 rpm, max 6* 125g
Rotor - max 5000 rpm, max 4* 0.6 kg

Rotor – max 4200 rpm, max 4*0.7 kg

Clean bench, Thermo Scientific HERA guard ECO

Sample preparation

Field instrument, Mettler Toledo, Seven GoDuo

pH, EC, redox


Precipitation experiments in lab scale

Gas cromatograph, PerkinElmer, Clarius 500

CO2, O2, N2, CH4, H2, N2, H2S

ICP-OES, PerkinElmer, Optima 8300
Optical Emission Spectrometer

Elements in liquid

Incubators and heating cabinets

Temp range up to 120 °C


BioTox Toxicity tests

Measuring equipment

pH, redox och EC-measurements

Micro wave oven, MARS


Microscope, Nikon Diaphot 300


Microscope, Nikon SMZ-0


Muffel Ovens

Temp range up to 1000 °C

Multisizer 3 Coulter Counter

Number, volume, mass and surface area size distributions, sizing range 0.4 -1.200 µm


Temp range up to 250 °C

Particle size analyzer – laser diffraction, Horiba LA960

Water and solid samples

Perkin Elmer, UV/VIS Spectrometer


Sample reducer, Retch PT100

Sample preparation


from 0.00001g to 200 kg 

Shaking device, Heidolph Reax 20

Leaching tests, max 12 samples

Shaking incubator, INCU Line ILS 6

RT – 85 °C

Shimadzu, TOC-V CSH
Total Organic Carbon Analyzer

Total organic carbon (TOC), total carbon
(TC), Inorganic carbon (IC) in liquids

Sieving device Retsch AS 200 + sieves

Sizing range 19 mm – 0.05 mm

Solid Sample Module, SSM-500

TOC, TC och IC in solids

Spectrophotometer, QuAATTro Bran+LUEBBE

NH4-N, NO2-N, NO3-N, TOT-N, Cl-, SO4-, PO4-P and TOT-P

Spectrophotometer, Spectroquant Nova 60A

Quick tests

Spectrophotometer, UV/VIS, PerkinElmer Lambda 25


Thermo reactor, WTW CR 3200

Quick tests

Thermostatic bath, GRANT OLS200

Temp range +50 °C to +99 °C

Thermostatic block, GRANT


Titro Wico, Titration equipment

Automatic titration, 4 channels

Turbidity meter, HACH 2100N

Turbidity measurements

Ultral sonic bath, Branson 2510


XRF, Thermo Fisher, XL3, Portable

Elements solid samples, Mg and heavier, <3%