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3D controlled-source electromagnetic inversion in the radio-frequency band (2023)

Smirnova. M, Shlykov. A, Fadavi Asghari. S, Tezkan. B, Saraev. A, Yogeshwar. P, et al.
Geophysics, Vol. 88, nr. 1, s. E1-E12
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Arsenic immobilisation in soil using electricity-induced spreading of iron in situ (2023)

Kumpiene. J, Engström. K, Pinedo Taquia. A, Carabante. I, Bjuhr. J
Journal of Environmental Management, Vol. 325, nr. Part A
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Determining the geographical origin of durum wheat samples by combining strontium isotope ratio and multielemental analyses (2023)

Monti. C, Cavanna. D, Rodushkin. I, Monti. A, Leporati. A, Suman. M
Cereal Chemistry
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Fifty years of sewage sludge management research: Mapping researchers' motivations and concerns (2023)

Bagheri. M, Bauer. T, Ekman Burgman. L, Wetterlund. E
Journal of Environmental Management, Vol. 325
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Heavy metals, rare earth elements and isotopic fingerprint of Venetian Protected Designation of Origin sparkling wines (2023)

Rapa. M, Ferrante. M, Rodushkin. I, Paulukat. C, Conti. M
British Food Journal
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Managing health risks in urban agriculture: The effect of vegetable washing for reducing exposure to metal contaminants (2023)

Augustsson. A, Lundgren. M, Qvarforth. A, Hough. R, Engström. E, Paulukat. C, et al.
Science of the Total Environment, Vol. 863
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Venetian Protected Designation of origin wines traceability: Multi-elemental, isotopes and chemometric analysis (2023)

Rapa. M, Ferrante. M, Rodushkin. I, Paulukat. C, Conti. M
Food Chemistry, Vol. 404, nr. Part B
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3D Modeling of Geomagnetically Induced Currents in Sweden—Validation and Extreme Event Analysis (2022)

Rosenqvist. L, Fristedt. T, Dimmock. A, Davidsson. P, Fridström. R, Hall. J, et al.
Space Weather, Vol. 20, nr. 3
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A New Nano-Scale and Energy-Optimized Reversible Digital Circuit Based on Quantum Technology (2022)

Seyedi. S, Navimipour. N, Otsuki. A
Electronics, Vol. 11, nr. 23
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A new rock hardness classification system based on portable dynamic testing (2022)

Ghorbani. S, Hoseinie. S, Ghasemi. E, Sherizadeh. T, Wanhainen. C
Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment, Vol. 81, nr. 5