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Remediation of poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) contaminated soils (2021)

To mobilize or to immobilize or to destroy?
Bolan. N, Sarkar. B, Yan. Y, Li. Q, Wijesekara. H, Kannan. K, et al.
Journal of Hazardous Materials, Vol. 401
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Stability of naturally occurring AMD–schwertmannite in the presence of arsenic and reducing agents (2021)

Antelo. J, Fiol. S, Carabante. I, Arroyo. A, Lezama-Pacheco. J, Josevska. N, et al.
Journal of Geochemical Exploration, Vol. 220
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3-D DC resistivity forward modeling using the multi-resolution grid (2020)

Gao. J, Smirnov. M, Smirnova. M, Egbert. G
Pure and Applied Geophysics, Vol. 177, nr. 6, s. 2803-2819
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A simple model for evaluating isotopic (18O, 2H and 87Sr/86Sr) mixing calculations of mine (2020)

Impacted surface waters
Salifu. M, Hällström. L, Aiglsperger. T, Mörth. C, Alakangas. L
Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, Vol. 232
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Anoxic oceanic conditions during the late Permian mass extinction-evidence from the Chutani formation, Bolivia (2020)

Nina. L, Paula-Santos. G, Sial. A, Bark. G, Wanhainen. C, Jiménez. G, et al.
Journal of South American Earth Sciences, Vol. 103
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Comparison of 2- and 3-Compartment Electrodialytic Remediation Cells for Oil Polluted Soil from Northwest Russia (2020)

Pour. F, Jensen. P, Pedersen. K, Lejon. T
Environmental technology
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Controllable drilling parameter optimization for roller cone and polycrystalline diamond bits (2020)

Darwesh. A, Rasmussen. T, Al-Ansari. N
Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology, Vol. 10, nr. 4, s. 1657-1674