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Article in journal

2.5D geophysical model of the Gällivare mining area (2021)

An integrated study to model the top 4km of the subsurface and guide for future exploration activities
Tavakoli. S, Sarlus. Z, Kronsell. I, Bauer. T
Geophysical Prospecting, Vol. 69, nr. 4, s. 821-841
Article in journal

3-D time-domain electromagnetic modeling based on multi-resolution grid with application to geomagnetically induced currents (2021)

Gao. J, Smirnov. M, Smirnova. M, Egbert. G
Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, Vol. 312
Article in journal

A Comparison Study of Explicit and Implicit 3-D Transient Electromagnetic Forward Modeling Schemes on Multi-Resolution Grid (2021)

Gao. J, Smirnov. M, Smirnova. M, Egbert. G
Geosciences, Vol. 11, nr. 6
Article in journal

A High-Speed, Light-Weight Scalar Magnetometer Bird for km Scale UAV Magnetic Surveying (2021)

On Sensor Choice, Bird Design, and Quality of Output Data
Døssing. A, Lima Simoes da Silva. E, Martelet. G, Rasmussen. T, Gloaguen. E, Thejll Petersen. J, et al.
Remote Sensing, Vol. 13, nr. 4
Article in journal

A New Cost-Efficient Design of a Reversible Gate Based on a Nano-Scale Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata Technology (2021)

Seyedi. S, Otsuki. A, Navimipour. N
Electronics, Vol. 10, nr. 15
Article in journal

Algal nutrient limitation and metal uptake experiment in the Åkerberg pit lake, northern Sweden (2021)

Paulsson. O, Widerlund. A
Applied Geochemistry, Vol. 125
Article in journal

Analysis of Magnetotelluric data from Archaean Lithosphere, northern Sweden (2021)

Vadoodi. R, Rasmussen. T, Smirnov. M, Bauer. T
Article in journal

Analytical Modeling of a Synthetic VMS Deposit Data (2021)

a Proxy Tool for Education and Initial Research
Lishchuk. V, Haller. E, Martinsson. O, Bauer. T
Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration, Vol. 38, nr. 2, s. 863-874
Article in journal

Biogeochemical and mechanical characterization of the landfill fraction generated by mechanical waste sorting (2021)

Andersson. E, Jobs. M, Lagerkvist. A, Elfgren. L
Detritus, Vol. 15, s. 120-135
Article in journal

Co-disposal of lignite fly ash and coal mine waste rock for neutralisation of AMD (2021)

Qureshi. A, Maurice. C, Öhlander. B
Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Vol. 28, nr. 35, s. 48728-48741