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Article in journal

3D Modeling of Geomagnetically Induced Currents in Sweden—Validation and Extreme Event Analysis (2022)

Rosenqvist. L, Fristedt. T, Dimmock. A, Davidsson. P, Fridström. R, Hall. J, et al.
Space Weather, Vol. 20, nr. 3
Article in journal

A new rock hardness classification system based on portable dynamic testing (2022)

Ghorbani. S, Hoseinie. S, Ghasemi. E, Sherizadeh. T, Wanhainen. C
Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment, Vol. 81, nr. 5
Article, review/survey

Advances in the use of recycled non-ferrous slag as a resource for non-ferrous metal mine site remediation (2022)

Ban. J, Sun. K, Yao. J, Sunahara. G, Hudson-Edwards. K, Jordan. G, et al.
Part of: Environmental Research
Article in journal

Arsenic (III) oxidation and removal from artificial mine wastewater by blowing O2 nanobubbles (2022)

Han. Z, Nhung. N, Wu. Y, Huang. M, He. C, Lu. S, et al.
Journal of Water Process Engineering, Vol. 47
Article in journal

Assessment of the reason for the vitrification of a wall at a hillfort. The example of Broborg in Sweden (2022)

Sjöblom. R, Hjärthner-Holdar. E, Pearce. C, Weaver. J, Ogenhall. E, McCloy. J, et al.
Journal of Archaeological Science, Vol. 43
Article in journal

Challenges in predicting the reactivity of mine waste rocks based on kinetic testing: Humidity cell tests and reactive transport modeling (2022)

Pieretti. M, Karlsson. T, Arvilommi. S, Muniruzzaman. M
Journal of Geochemical Exploration, Vol. 237
Conference paper

Cobalt and REE distribution at the Zinkgruvan Zn-Pb-Ag and Cu deposit, Bergslagen, Sweden (2022)

Jansson. N, Hjorth. I, Ivarsson. F, Aiglsperger. T, Azim Zadeh. A, Kooijman. E, et al.
Paper presented at : EGU General Assembly 2022, Vienna, Austria & Online, 23–27 May, 2022
Article in journal

Co-digestion of sewage sludge and wood fly ash (2022)

Bauer. T, Pelkonen. M, Lagerkvist. A
Environmental technology, Vol. 43, nr. 12, s. 1853-1859
Article in journal

Correlation between Flotation and Rheology of Fine Particle Suspensions (2022)

Sajjad. M, Otsuki. A
Metals, Vol. 12, nr. 2
Article in journal

Coupling Flotation Rate Constant and Viscosity Models (2022)

Sajjad. M, Otsuki. A
Metals, Vol. 12, nr. 3
Conference paper

Economic Potential of Battery Metals and Minerals in Sweden (2022)

Martinsson. O, Wanhainen. C
Paper presented at : 16th SGA Biennial Meeting 2022, Rotorua, New Zealand, March 28-31, 2022