Extreme High Resolution Scanning Electron Microscope (XHR-SEM)


The microscope is a Magellan 400 from the FEI company. It is equipped with 6 detectors: 

   - ETD: Everhart-Thornley detector
   - TLD: through-lens detector (in-lens)
   - vCD: low voltage high contrast detector
   - STEM: detector for scanning transmission electron microscopy
   - EDS: detector for energy dispersive spectroscopy. The instrument is equipped with an X-Max 80 Silicon Drift Detector (Oxford Instruments)
   - EBSD: detector for electron backscatter diffaction. The instrument is equipped with an HKLNordlysNano EBSD detector (Oxford Instruments).

 Main features:

   - Schottky emitter
   - Sub-nanometer resolution from 1 to 30kV
   - Beam decceleration
   - Monochromator
   - Beam current down to 0.8 pA

Thanks to these properties the Magellan is the instrument of choice for high resolution on non-conductive samples.


The microscope is equipped with a Vacuum Cryo-Transfer System and a cryo-stage (VCT100, Leica) for observations with extreme high resolution at temperatures down to -140°C. For instance, this makes it possible to observe frozen samples.

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