Published: 9 March 2009

High Performance Liquid Chromatography, HPLC, is a common technique for separation, identification and quantification of various compounds. The sample is transported with a mobile phase to a column (stationary phase) where the separation takes place, since different compounds are retained to the column for different times. For detection of the compounds, some kind of optical detector is usually applied, such as UV, fluorescence or RI detector. By varying the column, mobile phase and detector, a wide range of separation systems can be designed.


AB Sciex API 3200™ LC/MS/MS System 

Perkin Elmer series 200 pump

Perkin Elmer series 200 UV/VIS detektor

Perkin Elmer series 200 Refractive Index detector

Perkin Elmer series 200 Autosampler

Analytical and semi-preparative columns

Column ovens

The equipment is for example utilized for analysis of sugars and organic acids and for peptide purification.


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