Avdelningen för Kemiteknik
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Division of Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering involves the research topics Biochemical and Chemical Process Engineering, Chemistry of Interfaces and Chemical Technology and integrates both upstream and downstream product/process research and development. Our expertise includes the design and optimization of biological and chemical processes for conversion of raw materials into chemicals, fuels and other valuable products and materials. We are a national leader and an internationally recognized research, education environment with advanced laboratories and equipment for the development of processes and products that contribute to a sustainable development.

We are responsible for the specialization Renewable products and fuels in the Master Programme in Sustainable Process and Chemical Engineering program. The global challenge with reduced dependence on fossil raw materials for the production of energy, fuels and chemicals requires the development of new efficient processes that can convert renewable raw materials into products that society wants. Our education highlights how catalysts, reactors and separation equipment works and how these can be combined into effective processes for making better use of the raw material. With our specialization, we want to provide students with skills that make them ready to develop current and future chemical processes for a sustainable society.