Division of Structural and Construction Engineering

Martin Nilsson Head of Division, Senior lecturer
Jan Byfors Professor, adjungerad
Peter Collin Professor
Lennart Elfgren Professor
Mats Emborg Professor
Dan Engström Adjunct professor
Arne Ulf Girhammar Professor
Goujing He Visiting professor
Hans Hedlund Adjunct professor
Will Hughes Visiting professor
Jan-Erik Jonasson Professsor
Mikael Möller Adjunct professor
Thomas Olofsson Professor
Lars Stehn Professor
Björn Sundström Adjunct professor
Björn Täljsten Professor
Milan Veljkovic Professor
Ulf Wickström Professor
Yongming Tu Guest Professor
Lars Bernspång Senior lecturer
Helena Johnsson Senior lecturer
P M Rogier Jongeling Senior lecturer
Sofia Lidelöw Senior lecturer, assistant
Martin Nilsson Senior lecturer
Ulf T Ohlsson Senior lecturer
Anders Vennström Senior lecturer
Susanne Engström Researcher
Lennart Fransson Researcher
Joergen Jensen Researcher
John Meiling Researcher
Mattias Unosson Researcher
Romuald Rwamamara Researcher
Gabriela Tlustochowicz Researcher
Weizhuo Lu Researcher
Ylva Sardén Research assistant
Jörgen Andersson Postgraduate student
Pedro Andrade Postgraduate student
Anders Bennitz Postgraduate student
Alexandra Byström Postgraduate student
Giuseppe Caprulo Postgraduate student
Jarkko Erikshammar Postgraduate student
Peter Fjellström Postgraduate student
Lucia Olga Garzon Postgraduate student
Elena Grims Postgraduate student
Martin Haller Postgraduate student
Christine Heistermann Postgraduate student
Tim Heistermann Postgraduate student
Naveed Iqbai Postgraduate student
Nicolas Jaquier Postgraduate student
Gustav Jansson Postgraduate student
Tim Johansson Postgraduate student
Johan Larsson Postgraduate student
Martin Lennartsson Postgraduate student
Erika Levander Postgraduate student
Robert Lundkvist Postgraduate student
Håkan Norberg Postgraduate student
Gustav Nordström Postgraduate student
Ida Näslund Postgraduate student
Johan Ojanen Postgraduate student
Anton Olason Postgraduate student
Ekaterina Osipova Postgraduate student
Tamas Racz Postgraduate student
Natalia Sabourova Postgraduate student
Joakim Sandström Postgraduate student
Jutta Schade Postgraduate student
Henrik Szentes Postgraduate student
Erik Söderholm Postgraduate student
Peter Wallström Postgraduate student
Victoria Bonath Research Engineer
Erika Nyman Jonsson Research Engineer
Henrik Bäckström Senior Research Engineer
Marouene Limam Senior Research Engineer
Jonny Nilimaa Senior Research Engineer
Katalin Orosz Senior Research Engineer
Mattias Unosson Senior Research Engineer
Peter Simonsson Senior Research Engineer
Anders Björnfot Adj. adjunkt
Matilda Höök Adj. adjunkt
Ronnie Lindberg Adj. adjunkt
Gabriel Sas Adj. adjunkt
Martin Gillie Guest lecturer
Vladimir Ronin Guest lecturer
Asif Usani Guest lecturer
Katalin Orosz Senior Research Engineer
Lena Goldkuhl Projectcoordinator
Per Nilsson Project leader
Carina Hannu Project Controller
Mikael Norberg Project Controller
Tarja Tervonen Project Controller


Lars Åström Head Complab
Georg Danielsson Senior Research Engineer
Thomas Forsberg Research Engineer
Hans-Olov Johansson Research Engineer
Roger Lindfors Research Engineer
Mats Petersson Research Engineer
Ulf Stenman Techniques
Tarja Tervonen Project Controller

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Published: 19 April 2011


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