Johan Larsson har tillsammans med Lisa Larsson skrivit en artikel om samverkan för hållbar projektle
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New article about the importance of collaboration in sustainable project management

Published: 22 January 2020

Johan Larsson has, together with co-author Lisa Larsson, written an article on the subject collaboration for sustainable project management, which recently got published in the journal Sustainability.

The need to take consider sustainability has clearly increased the complexity of implementing construction projects, especially organizationally as several competencies and skills need to be coordinated to find more sustainable solutions. In response, a new project management paradigm focusing on different types of collaboration strategies has emerged during the past decade. Projects that implement collaboration, between as well as within different organizations, during the implementation has been shown to achieve increased efficiency as well as the rate of innovation. However, previous studies have not studied the effects of collaboration on sustainability.

The article present results showing that increased collaboration based upon early utilization of skills, common long-term goals and trust, among others, clearly contribute to a more sustainable project management. The results clearly indicated that the actors involved have the ability to see beyond traditional short-term financial goals, and instead focus on achieving better societal benefits and choose solutions that focus on function.

“The extensive collaboration in this business arrangement has promoted sustainable deliveries based upon organizational learning and continuous improvements” says Johan Larsson, university lecturer at Luleå University of Technology and project manager for the research project.

The article is based on fresh results from the research project Sustainable industry development through innovation promoting procurement, where a unique collaborative business arrangement between a municipality and a major supplier on maintenance of their ground and road network is studied. The agreement has been followed by two researchers from Luleå University of Technology during the last year and now the first results are collected in a scientific article. If you find this interesting and want to read more, you will find the article in the link below.

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