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Finnish YLE Television visit LTU

Published: 6 December 2012

The ongoing mining boom in northern Sweden is in focus as Finnish TV are doing a story on the Luleå University of Technology.

Finnish media attention to the fact that the LTUs programmes in the mining and metals field, has an all-time high in terms of student numbers and interest in this industry. In Finland there are also mines but on a smaller scale.  Recently, the highly publicized accident at the dam in Talvivaara, where  water with nickel, cadmium, aluminum has been leaked, described in detail in the media. But it is not an accident that is the focus of the Finnish YLE TV. They want to show a different image of the mining industry where profitability and growth are mirrored.

LTU Press photo Pär Weihed -
Professor Pär Weihed, Ore Geology

Professor Pär Weihed at the Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources received our guests and showed among others LTU Minerallab where students worked on the analysis of ores.

- It's fun about this kind of reportage may increase interest among Finnish students to apply here to the Luleå University of Technology, says Pär Weihed.

In Finland there are several promising exploration projects where eg gold and platinum can be found in large volumes.