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GEO Day at the university. Pär Weihed talked about Sweden as a mineral producer.

Full house at GEO-day in LTU

Published: 21 March 2012

More than 120 students from high school nature programs and Medborgarskolan visited the University today.

The idea of ​​cooperation between LTU and Luleå school raised at a meeting early this year. 120 high school students and participants from private lessons to a full day to take part in lectures and information about the concept of GEO. This means among other things, participation in exercises and training in subjects related to geology, environmental geochemistry, geophysics, Geotechnology, etc.

Pär Weihed
Par Weihed to the left

- The interest in the geosciences has increased as the major focus on both LKAB and Northland Resources are implementing new mines in the region and we want through this cooperation share with you what we know on the subject, which benefits both of us, says Pär Weihed, professor of Geosciences at Luleå University of Technology.

The theme for the day: Geotechnology - Geology - Geophysics - Geochemistry

The first pass included short lectures:

  • Geotechnology: From hard rock to heavy metal - Lecturer Catrin Edelbro.
  • Geology: Your need for metals and minerals and what you did not know .... Professor Pär Weihed
  • Geophysics: Images of the Earth - Professor Sten-Åke Elming
  • Geochemistry: Why do we have a lot of oxygen content and low carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? Professor Johan Ingri
Seror Alksander, Nature Programme in High School, Luleå

- I'll probably study to become a doctor, but the chemistry is exciting said Seror Alksander, second year high school student in the Nature Programme in Luleå.

- But it was interesting to hear that we in Sweden is so great producer of minerals in Europe, ended Seror.

Mini courses and practical exercises

Skatt från Jordens inre
With simple methods many minerals can be identified.

The afternoon was a little more hands-on exercises such as Minerals - Treasures from Inside the Earth by Lecturer Glenn Bark where they were taught to identify different minerals.

Popular meteorite

The Geo Day was rounded off when the students got to see and feel the largest meteroit in Europe which is on display at the Department of Infrastructure Planning and Natural Resources.


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