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She took the bus instead

Published: 30 November 2012

Sari Ekblom received er engineering degree at LTU Civil Engineering 1996. Since then she has worked in the construction industry, where she eventually worked for the NCC as project manager for the construction of the much talked about Facebook Server Halls in Luleå. In the summer of 2012 she got an offer and a challenge Sari Ekblom could not turn down - As CEO of Lulea Bus Transport AB.

Lulea Bus Transport AB has 120 employees and annual sales of approximately SEK 100 million annually. It has 438 bus stops in its route network. Sari Ekblom will be the company's first female CEO. The Bus Transport field is totally new ground for her, but she does not believe that her educational and professional background is a disadvantage, rather the opposite:

- The studies have given me a good base, gathering information, sorting and collating. I also think that my education has given me the ability to see both large and small, details and wholes. However, my time at work in my various roles I've had, and the different companies I work for have given me a lot of experience and development.

Her work on Facebook's server halls is still ongoing and Sari regrets that she could not be in the final stages but she hopes to be invited to the inauguration. We wonder if she has any advice for new students at Luleå University of Technology:

- My advice to students who are studying today is to take advantage of the expertise of teachers and ask for as much as possible. Be interested and engaged and take the opportunity to "network" as much as possible. Above all, I would like to tell the students during their internships and after graduation to work out on construction sites in the "real world", try different things and to ask the knowledgeable people who work outside in production and those who worked for a number of years. Be inquisitive and engaged, says Sari Ekblom.