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LKAB´s CEO Lars-Eric Aaro. Image Source: LKAB Press View original picture , opens in new tab/window

LKAB´s CEO Lars-Eric Aaro visited SBN

Published: 6 March 2012

Tuesday March 6 LKABs President CEO Lars-Eric Aaro was here to meet with students from the Soil and Rock direction at the Civil Engineering Programme.

Lars-Eric told me about himself and his way from rookie mining engineer at LTU in 1982 as CEO of Sweden's most profitable company, LKAB. Students were also told about LKAB, its business, products, customers and strategy.


Lars-Eric talked about everything from drills to sensors to shotcrete and pellets, and told how LKAB operates in Sweden and worldwide. The message to students was clear: you are needed in the mining and construction industries, and LKAB is an attractive, high-tech, international employers.

Civil Engineering, Soil and Rock Direction

Jenny Greberg, Senior Lecturer

As civil engineering builders, students have a very broad labor market. For example working as project managers, production supervisor, foreman, engineers, or scientists. Our alumni testify to a rewarding and enjoyable educatiojn and that they made extensive use of knowledge from the programme in their current job.



- The programme include soil and rock engineering. It makes students attractive for construction of roads, railways, dams and rock plants, and in the mining industry, says Jenny Greberg.


The Programme

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