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The Mexican government pays his studies, a conscious effort in order to improve the skills of the countrys universities.

Pay back - Conditions for researchers from Mexico

Published: 24 January 2012

Universidad de Sonora in northern Mexico is the home university for graduate student Juan Rodriguez. A year ago he moved with his wife and two year daughter to Lulea for a PhD.

- "In Mexico there is not the old research tradition that is here. The research got a boom for about 15 years ago when the government decided to invest in building up research. After my PhD, the conditions that I go back to my university and starts up a research group, says Juan Rodriguez. "

Juan Rodriguez doctoral thesis is about understanding how changes in shape, surface, etc. in various kinds of particles, affect material properties. Changes of the particles such as a filling material in road construction can lead to adverse movements in embankments, etc..

The move to Lulea in Sweden from the city of millions Hermosillo with a day temperature of 30 degrees - in winter - is a big change for Juan's family.

- "We lived a good life with a big house and car. Here it is expensive to live. We live in an apartment and I take the bus to work every day. To avoid long queues and it is safe and secure living here belong to the benefits. As a researcher at the Lulea University of  Technolgy, I have access to good equipment and good mentors as I gain new knowledge through meetings and collaborations with the whole team. "

An offer of jobs in the U.S. that he had very recently was not enough to lure Juan from his research at the university. He expects to have his dissertation completed in the fall. Since the remaining two years for a PhD before it's time to go back to Mexico and help to raise skill levels in the country.

- "Better education and more jobs are important to solve my country's problems - when I go back I become a part of it, he says."