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Damage in track switches are detected with new measurement techniques

Published: 23 April 2012

Internal damage in switches will be easier to detect with the help of a new type of measuring equipment developed by researcher Jan Lundberg, LTU in cooperation with the firm Exova. A prototype is tested and ready, and now there are plans to apply for a patent on the equipment.

The new measuring equipment increases the chances of finding damage inside the exchangers, which is difficult with today's measurement technology and which can lead to changes discarded too early and you can not find the wrong man seeking

- We use the so-called phased-array technology coupled with SAFT (Synthetic Aperture Soft Technology) that allows us to shed light switches with a focused ultrasound from several different directions and getting enough sound to penetrate the material. It gives us a better picture of how the gear looks like inside, says Jan Lundberg. Juice The algorithm converts the ultrasonic signals that bounce back from all the illuminated points in the exchange and give a better picture, which means we can more easily see any damage. The next step is to assemble ultrasound technology with the computer to an easily manageable equipment that works out on the tracks.

Previous measurements using ultrasound also but this technology has limitations when ultrasound is merely illustrative of a point in the exchange. It does not give a good enough picture of the gear inside when the structure of the manganese steel gears manufactured by distorting the picture and complicates troubleshooting.