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LTU students are offered personal mentors

Published: 9 February 2012

A new mentoring program has started at LTU, via LTU- career. It is free to all students who passed at least half their university educationt to apply to the program. In the first round, fifteen students were admitted. Everyone has now a personal mentor in business or public sector.

It is served delicious breakfast, early this morning for the fifteen LTU students, in the new mentoring program, and for their mentors, in central Luleå. Both mentors and students are here to enjoy the breakfast buffet, and to benefit from each others' skills.

The idea of ​​the new mentoring program is that students, via their personal mentors will receive professional, industry-relevant and personalized advice directly from a niche that they might be working in after graduation and that suits the students skills. For the mentor, this is an opportunity to meet a qualified LTU student a student who will soon be out at Work.

Two of those who pour in to the freshly brewed black breakfast coffee this morning, are the LTU-student Alexander Karlsson studying Civil Engineering, and he will soon be available for work as a highly sought-engineering, and his mentor and engineer Michael Thorngren, on Lindbäcks Construction.

- We have discussed a lot of graduate jobs when we have met and I have supported Alexander for daring to impose his own idea of ​​graduate jobs. Beeing passionate about ones graduate job, the result is so much better. The contacts you get when doing your graduate jobs, are good references when you later apply for jobs, says Mikael Thorngren.

Concretely, mentoring has so far given Magnus Karlsson: he dare to test his own idea of a graduate job.

- It's about project management and logistics, and it is something new, he reveals.

At least once a month, the student and his mentor have their own meeting where everything from thesis to the career are discussed. Behind The mentoring program is LTU-career.

- This is another way for LTU students to have contacts into business or public sector and thus improve the students employability. For companies and the authorities, this program give them contacts to soon graduated LTU-students that may be of interest to them, said Jennie Hägg.

Soon, it is possible for students to search for the autumn mentorship program.