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Top marks for research environment at LTU

Published: 28 February 2012

From the Indian city of Agra and the world heritage Taj Mahal to the white winters and midnight sun in Luleå and LTU. Rajiv.Dandotiya, researchers at the Operation, maintenance and acoustics, has just completed a very successful collaboration with Boliden.

Next stop is a job for Maersk Drilling, where he will work on offshore installations outside Copenhagen.

- The applied research at the university and to have the opportunity to work with companies that have paid throughout their education and to have its own office, are big advantages to being a doctoral student here, says Rajiv who believe that LTU has given him the very best conditions for studies. I do not feel like a graduate student here, more like an employee and have received very good contacts among both scientists and administrators in my department.

After comparing their situation in Lulea with a friend who is a graduate student in the United States pulls Rajiv conclusion that he made the right choice. He says he will miss Luleå, tranquility and the friendly people in banks and shops - and maybe even winter.

- While I had a lot of new experiences I have gained new respect and a new outlook on India and what we have there, as the sun and heat. I've never talked to people about the weather before I moved to Luleå.