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The LKAB hall with about 80 listeners.
The LKAB hall with about 80 listeners. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Education in new fire safety rules

Published: 23 April 2012

One day course in the new building regulations with a focus on the new rules, their implementation and control. Michael Strömgren, who led the review process of Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning held a full day course.

Milan Veljkovic, Professor
Milan Veljkovic, Professor

The course was about fire safety of buildings such as buildings, warehouses, multi-storey buildings.

Milan Veljkovic, Professor in Steel Structures, explains:

- It is important that our students inroled in fire protection programs are aware of new regulations and the history behind the changes. Good news was that about 80 people were there and listened to Michael Strömgren, SP. This was also a good opportunity for networking between students and future colleagues and possibly employers..

New rules, standards and policies

SP - Swedish National Testing and Research Institutes representative Michael Strömgren

Swedish National Testing and Research Institute representative Michael Strömgren, who attended Your seminar?

- Students, professionals from Municipal Building Department, property management, emergency services, fire consultants, contractors and building material manufacturers.

Why is there such a largeinterest in this topic?

- Major changes happens in the 2011-2013 planning and building legislation. We have a new construction process that will increase the quality of construction. The rules for fire protection, construction and refurbishment of buildings are modified, and in some cases, completely new.

Did you get the response you expected?

- There are many who appreciate the opportunity to update on all the changes now taking place. Basically all that has gone my courses are very postive and recommend others to applied for it - It's probably so because it is the right time to be informed about the topic.

Tell us a little about yourself and your experience with the fire engineering courses at other locations?

- The questions may differ widely between the different lectures. Something you'll notice is that the construction processes and rule application are different across the country. It means that you get different questions. That is actually one of the problems at present we do not have a consistent application across the country. This may lead to e uneven safety level, in addition, conditions for competition are not the same, which creates difficulties for those who want to build in the same way in whole Sweden. There, I think it is important that we make the rules and guidence as clear as possible.

A well-attended seminar

Välbesökt Workshop -Milan Veljkovic

Some of the participants before they entered the LKAB-room at Luleå University of Technology. New regulations have tendency to simplify assessment of safety in buildings but also requires new skills. It is clear that some additional research and development work has to be undertaken in technical issues and further harmonisation is needed in legal aspects.

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