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The Fire Protection Engineering Program Celebrates 10 Years

Published: 11 April 2016

This year marks 10 years since the first admission to the fire protection program at Luleå University. The program has been very successful at employers and popular among students (36% of students are women), and has put Luleå University of Technology on the fire-scientific map.

This was confirmed in particular that the BIV (Association for fire safety engineering) chose to locate its conference BIV day, which takes place every two years at the university last week.

–  The Fire Protection Program is relatively wide, with a focus on careers in the field of fire and building consultant and civil protection. They currently has about 170 graduates of fire engineers from Luleå University of Technology and also represented in agencies, real estate companies, universities and research institutes, mostly in Sweden but also abroad. There is a deficit of fire engineers in Sweden, which is reflected in the more or less non-existent unemployment and relatively inflated salaries, says Michael Försth.

The program runs for 3.5 years, with additional studies further 1.5 years to obtain a degree in fire technology. The adoption of 30 students per year for fire protection program at the university.

Michael Försth - Professor at the Department of structural engineering and fire, who is also the program director for the fire protection program and postgraduate education Master of Science Fire Technology

Michael Försth

Michael Försth, Professor, Programme Director

Phone: +46 (0)920 491265
Organisation: Structural Engineering, Structural and Fire Engineering, Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering