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Photo: Emmy Jonsson
Yijun Shi och Christian Olsson,were in Gothenburg to receive the prize in the grand final of the ideas competition Venture Cup. Photo: Emmy Jonsson View original picture , opens in new tab/window

The research team behind the winner bio-lubricants

Published: 10 June 2016

During Thursday the winners of Venture Cup, Sweden's largest competition for business ideas, were selected. Winner in Environmental & Energy became SustainaLube, whose research team coming from Luleå University of Technology, has developed a revolutionary bio-lubricants,

Winner in Environmental & Energy became SustainaLube, which has developed a new type of industrial lubricants, which unlike other lubricants are completely water soluble. This revolutionizes the industry and can be applied to a variety of fields.

- I think we won because we have something completely new and environmentally friendly as is the right time. It is something that the market and the industry really needs and that can change the world in the future,
says Christian Olsson from SustainaLube.

Christian Olsson, Shi Yijun, Roland Larsson and Mattias Grahn at Luleå University of Technology have started Sustainalube AB. The lubricant they have developed over four years is oil-free, based on a non-toxic residue and herbal additives to produce a completely renewable product. The combination provides a brand new environmentally friendly lubricant with a competitive price that will perform similarly to today's products.

1000 business ideas and 1500 entrepreneurs competed in the Venture Cup. On Thursday, 250 people, at Trädgårn in Gothenburg, were able to see the winners receive their awards.

Venture Cup Jury President Christian Lauritzen, founder of the investment company Eicorn, is pleased with this year's finale.

- It has been very exciting jury's work this year. Both finalists and jury representatives did a really good job and it was exciting discussions before we could select the winners. With so much competition among the contributions, I am convinced that we will see more of many of them in