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Biochar. Image source: Flickr

Production of biogas and high quality biochar from raw timber

Published: 3 October 2016

In a new research project Luleå University of Technology in collaboration with Umeå University will work to increase the value of forest products and residual waste. It will develop and demonstrate the production of biogas, methane from forest products and a high quality biochar from lignin.

Lignin is a collective name for a series of polymeric compounds found in wood.

"Lignin is an underutilized component that we want to use for the production of biochar, activated carbon and carbon fibers which can be used for water treatment and in the automotive and aerospace industries", says Ulrika Rova, professor in biochemical process engineering at Luleå University of Technology.

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The project is financed by Formas within the program Forest raw material and Biomass: Research for a transition to a bio-based economy and will run for four years. Stina Jansson, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Chemistry at Umeå University is the project manager for this project conducted within Bio4Energy - a strategic biorefinery centre focusing on research using wood as a raw material.

"Finding new uses for forest residues increases the value of the entire value chain of the forest industry", says Ulrika Rova.

Ulrika Rova

Rova, Ulrika - Professor

Organisation: Biochemical Process Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
Phone: +46 (0)920 491315