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The glacier in Jokkmokk - Master Programme in Architectural Engineering

The Glacier in Jokkmokk

Published: 20 June 2016

The Glacier Buildning in Jokkmokk is a spectacular construction that still only exist in the virtual world. In a thesis for the Master Programme in Architectural Engineering at Luleå University of Technology, the students Alexander Stark and Robert Granstam has created The Glacier using parametric design methods.

Parametric design concept is fairly new in architecture and can be described as a combination of new advanced software and mathematical thinking. A new profession has taken shape where the architect and construction engineer will be the same person. Parametric design provides the ability to create new architectural expressions and forms, together with very complex analyzes and strength calculations.


"It's a pretty high threshold to get started with parametric design, but when you started to understand the tools, the benefits are enormous", says Alexander Stark.

The Glacier Building in Jokkmokk is over 100 meters high building planned in Jokkmokk and to serve as a center for climate research. The building is planned to be built against a rock wall adjacent to the mountains.

"In the process of glacier in Jokkmokk we have had to break new ground and learn much new, it has been a great challenge - and we are very pleased with the end result", says Robert Granstam.

Both Robert Granstam and Alexander Stark will work with parametric design of Sweco after completion of studies, that is to say this autumn.

Lecturer Björn Ekelund has been the supervisor and research engineer Ulf Stenman has helped with technical solutions and physical modeling.

Björn Ekelund

Ekelund, Björn - Senior Lecturer

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Ulf Stenman

Stenman, Ulf - Research Engineer

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