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Photo: Katarina Karlsson
Teknologkåren organize sustainability week. Hampus Carlson, Master Programme in Industrial and Management Engineering and Anders Jönsson, Fire Protection Engineer. Photo: Katarina Karlsson View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Sustainability week- an important student initiative

Published: 31 August 2016

Teknologkåren at Luleå University of Technology has taken the initiative to a week on the theme of sustainability. Students are able to meet lecturers and companies like Skanska, Scania, BillerudKorsnäs, Swerock, Boden kommun, Swebo, Future Eco samt Luleå Renhållning who all of them this time focus on sustainability and not on performance.

– We hope that this will start a thouht process of the students, that it will create interest for sustanability and an understanding that sustainability is something that is integrated within many companies that the students will have contact with, says Hampus Carlson at Teknologkåren.

It is about week38, in mid-September. Then there will even be sustainability on the menu at the student union's own restaurant, STUK. The students are in a period when "nolleperioden" has calmed down and the studies just starting to take off. Then Teknologkåren would like to draw attention to sustainability by inviting companies in various industries that many students may have contact with while studying. Interest in sustainability is high among many students at Luleå University of Technology.

– We have several times in the past years done similar things but on a smaller scale. Now we want to spend extra on this because we followed the development at other universities and we want our students to have this opportunity to share knowledge on these issues, says Anders Jönsson.

The companies get the chance to prove themselves and talk about their work for increased durability, while the students' interest in the issue may be brought and increase, so that sustainability is with the students during their study time.

Make money on sustainability

Teknologkåren emphasizes that sustainability week is not only about sustainability that has to do with the treatment or reduction of emissions, but also on product manufacturing, choice of materials, use of new fuels or a way of thinking that now sometimes permeates a entire business concept.

– How can we make a product easy to recycle and how should it be made so that it lasts a long time? are sustainability issues that companies may contend with, says Hampus Carlson.

One of the lecturers, Per Grankvist, has the theme "Make money on sustainability," it is about revenue increase and cost reduction for companies working with increased durability.

The project team behind the Sustainability Week are also the students Sofia Andersson, Anna Andersson, Johanna Lindmark, that study the Master Programme in Sustainable Process Engineering.

Information about the program will be disseminated through Facebook.