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Lundqvist's Trävaru increasesproduction together with the university

Published: 21 September 2016

Lundqvist Trävaru had the opportunity to double the factory area. Then they turned to the university for the new production flow. Six years later, the company will double the plant surface again - once again relying on LTU.

It was after one year with Samuel Holmström as CEO saw opportunities for the company. Production and flow were in need of improvement, while the company would get access to double the factory area - he contacted the university and students of the Industrial Design who was commissioned to design the new factory.

- The mission was defined that we wanted to produce twice as much with the same amount of staff but at twice the surface. And it went very well. The result was implemented immediately, says Samuel Holmström, CEO of Lundqvist timber.

Today the company has hired a student from Luleå University and works closely with Attraktivt Samhällsbyggande at Luleå University and with Assistant Professor Helena Lidelöw who has vast experience through industry collaborations, amongst others with Lindbäcks Bygg.

- Small business does not mean less opportunities for the university. But rather greater degree of impact. But it's incredibly important to listen to their needs. I would never go out and say it should be like this or that. However, it is very good that entrepreneurs have clear goals of what they want with a university cooperation, says Helena Lidelöw, Assistant professor at Luleå University.

Lundqvist Trävaru say they intend to continue their collaboration with universities well into the future.

- Our view of university cooperation is now defined in the company and that it is something we should do. Luleå University of Technology is an important ball partner for us when we think of the future and development of the company. For the coming cooperation, we aim to increase the production rate from 400 houses to 600 houses a year by 2020, says Samuel Holmström, CEO of Lundqvists Trävaru.

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