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Damill epilot

With enthusiasm as driving force

Published: 22 March 2016

Energy and enthusiasm - there are two strong drivers for Dan Larsson, 55 and founder and CEO of the company Damill AB. Dan Larsson and his team is on several of ePilots sub recent years. The journey to what is now his own company, Damill AB, started in the small village of East Granträsk outside Morjärv.

Arne father was the village all-in-allo, foreman at the foundry cement but also tractor drivers, truck driver, repairman, plumber, welder, general fixer. He stood up when it came to most things that needed to be fixed in the village.

- That's where my interest in mechanics and inventions born. I hung out with my dad all the time, and learned to like to tinker and fix things.

1977 was the family's moving van to Luleå and the dancing part was the start of the technical school, followed by four years at the University of Technology, Mechanical Engineer line.

1985 was the training completed and then followed several different jobs, Primdata on NJA in Luleå, Nåiden technology, Erisoft, Luleå University of Technology. Different industries, but always with the focus on technical problem solving. Work at the university in the 90s led to interest in and knowledge building in the sector. Dan received as a research engineer privilege to participate in a major research project on increased axle load of ore line. This knowledge could then lead on to a licentiate degree with a focus on how the track degradation is affected by the traffic there.

In 1999 it was time to try the wings properly. This is by starting your own.

- I have always been interested in solving technical problems and come up with new methods in different process, says Dan. Today we are seven people in Damill and all ärbesjälade by a willingness to resolve customer technical problems and build systems that are reliable and durable. We work with several stable customers in the mining industry, paper industry, the hydropower company and within the railway industry.

When Dan Larsson started Damill AB was the aim, put simply, simply create yourself an interesting and challenging work.

- And after more than fifteen years, I still feel that enthusiasm when we take hold of new projects and challenges. I have occasionally been suggestions of selling the company or part of a larger group, but I always said no. We have full order book, stable economy, knows our market and our customers and working with exciting and technically challenging projects. It goes a long way for me even though sales and profits can be safely switched up properly if you set the focus on it.