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More than 2000 new students to arrive in Luleå

Published: 15 August 2016

More than 2000 new students have been admitted to Luleå University of Technology’s programmes in Luleå, Piteå and Skellefteå. The semester starts on Wednesday.

The most popular programmes at the university this fall are acting, nursing, real estate brokerage, education (for the early years and compulsory school years 1-3), business and economics, systems sciences and space engineering. All these programmes have 2-3 applicants per place, says Petra Rantatalo, director of education and research at Luleå University of Technology.

– It is very positive that we have an increasing number of applicants for the bachelor of education programmes. That the programs are provided as distance education have contributed to that, says Petra Rantatalo.

The total number of applicants to Sweden’s higher education has decreased since last year. Luleå University of Technology also have fewer applicants for some programmes.

– One reason is demographic – few children were born in Sweden in the mid and late 1990s. Another factor is the the low unemployment rate in Sweden. The youth unemployment rate has fallen and some young people choose to work instead of studying, says Petra Rantatalo.
She adds:

– Luleå University of Technology stands up well in the competition. The number of qualified applicants have only fallen by one percent since last year.

Accommodation is always a major issue in the beginning of a new semester. Simon Persson, president of the Student union of engineering, says that the situation generally looks better this year than it did last fall.

– The waiting time for accommodation has declined from a year and a half to about 10-13 months. It is still not okey, more needs to be done, says Simon Persson.

Carl Johan Granqvist, president of the Luleå Student union, points out that many students are moving far to start studying in Luleå. A good and safe accommodation makes it easier to focus on the studies, he says.