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Award-winning concept in architecture

Published: 25 January 2016

Linda Hartzell and Per Westermark, who study on the Master Programme in Architectural Engineering at Luleå University of Technology have won an international award for their urban design project: Climarctic Box – Which addresses the city edges to improve the city-wide microclimate.

Their prize, the Camera di Commercio di Genova Special Award, was presented at the seventh Conference of the International Competition for Young Urban Designers and Planners Urban promogiovani in Milan, Italy.

Per Westermark and Linda Hartzell

–  Great fun and a great honor! This price gives extra inspiration. It was very exciting to go ahead with a project that would otherwise run out after the course, says Linda Hartzell.

The key site include the most active part of Storgatan, Luleå’s main street, and the perpendicular paths towards the House of Culture and Köpmanstorget.

The main design intention is to enhance public life by the addition of missing functions as well as increasing the value of existing landmarks, public realm and features.

The proposed comfortable climatic zone is achieved by development at a macro scale that gives a greater possibility to enhance the public life in the centre and achieve a vibrant, lively and welcoming city for all.

–  The concept is based in Luleå city structure and creates a less windy city by breaking the straight street layout of the town. The project creates a clearer cultural hub on the basis of the existing culture houses and the House of Science and suggests new uses including a new exhibition hall and provides the opportunity to locate parts of the training center within the new cultural hub, says Per Westermark.

The project Climarctic Box was created initially as a group work in the course Urban Morphology of Linda Hartzell, Per Westermark, Patrik Rönnqvist and Maria Hansson. The winning entry is a further development of this group work.

David Chapman, PhD Student in architecture, was the students' supervisor while working with this competition contribuition.

David Chapman

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