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Professor Lars Stehn guest lectures an american audience on industrialized house-building. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Great US interest for Swedish research and development on industrial house building

Published: 25 May 2016

During one week Professor Lars Stehn from Luleå University of Technology, together with an industrial delegation from BoKlok Housing, discussed Swedish expertise in industrial house building with students and companies from across the United States. The gathering was organized by the prominent CIFE (Center for Integrated Facility Engineering) at Straford University.

CIFE is a center that deals with the digitization and industrialization of construction and is the world's most prominent centers in thia area. Professor Martin Fischer, who leads the CIFE research had invited Luleå University of Technology together with Malmö University, Skanska Construction and BoKlok Housing to inform students, researchers and companies in the United States why Sweden holds such a prominent position in industrialized house building.

- For several years we have presented interesting research on how it is possible to construct housing facilities faster, more predictably and at a lower cost by utilizing a "Swedish" model. That Stanford, a Mecca for new "start-ups" and new digital technology in all areas of society, have wanted to create a forum for cooperation between Swedish companies and research is especially exciting, says Lars Stehn, Professor of Timber Structures.

Similar to in the automotive industry, industrial house building is about integrating all key processes, technologies and partnerships in one controlled concept. For most multi-storey housing facilities there is no such integration. Rather, the construction is based on project unique contracts between several parties, which is often highlighted as the foremost cause for the higher construction costs and lesser time and quality precision compared to industrialized house-building.

- CIFE is well known many Swedish construction companies, and now I hope that Swedish knowledge has also become known to many companies in the United States says Lars Stehn.


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