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Excursion with new students

Published: 24 August 2016

This fall´s new students ath the engineering program in natural resource technology has been on tour with Lisa Dahlen, education leader, and Christina Wanhainen, teacher and researchers in ore geology.

The group toured the Gäddvik Water Palnt by Petra Viklund, a civil engineer with a degree from the university. Petra is responsible for the water plant that supplies the entire Lulea with the essential natural resource drinking water. Then the tour went up on top of Måttsund mountain where Christina told how the landscape has been shaped and about the importance of knowledge of rocks and all the minerals that make up the earth's crust.

Christina Wanhainen

Wanhainen, Christina - Professor and Head of Subject

Organisation: Ore Geology, Geosciences and Environmental Engineering, Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
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