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Kaisa Simu, Lars Stehn and Jarkko Erikshammar Photo: Richard Renberg
Kaisa Simu, Lars Stehn and Jarkko Erikshammar Photo: Richard Renberg View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Industrial site construction with the support of digitization and coaching

Published: 12 December 2016

Like a waxing ski bus loaded with waxes and people with the skills to measure the snow quality and waxing skis for the purpose, together with the skier find the best wax to win just one specific race is the main idea of the project ​​VALLA Coach for increased construction productivity and safety must be close to production.

VALLA Coach is a mobile test bed installed on a construction site for measurement and coaching in the field. This will be done in collaboration between business and academia.

VALLA Coach is a R & D project within the programme Smart Built Environment . The project got the green light in early December and is aimed at the construction site to measure, analyze and coach companies and construction projects to efficient production methods.

VALLA Coach är ett FoU projekt inom det strategiska innovationsprogrammet Smart Built Environment
The VALLA Coach is a physical office parked on the construction site and is based on three cornerstones: Measurement and analysis, Coaching and Learning and method development.

The project is led by the industry and director will Kajsa Simu. Kajsa divides her time between the university and the company NCC. An Industry consortium with five entrepreneurial companies; Ikano Bostad, Veidekke, NCC, BoKlok, Lindbäcks construction and iTID, a consultancy specializing in logistics and production. Besides LTU, Linköping University and Chalmers participate as academic partners.

"We have set tough but realistic targets which we aim towards a 20% reduction of lead times and a 10% reduction in construction costs and security risks in the operations banked" says Kajsa Simu is Adjunct Lecturer in Construction Management.

VALLA Coach consists of two parts; part for measurement, simulation, visualization and monitoring, and another part of the coaching of operational staff. Measurement is performed e.g. as detailed movements using motion capture technology with cameras, lasers, sensors, etc. and analyzes connected to the Virtual Laboratory at the University.

"With VALLA Coach enterprises have a method to lift production of houses for reduced variability and more stable supplies" says Jarkko Erikshammar, adjunct lecturer in Wooden building.

"To e.g. Digital able to go through the work process before it is performed sharply has obvious advantages not only to raise skills related to health, safety and productivity, but also on the measurement and monitoring" concludes Lars Stehn, Professor in Timber Structures.

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Lars Stehn

Lars Stehn, Professor and Head of Subject

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