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"It's a great oppurtunity to live in this climate a few years"

Published: 9 April 2020

Name: Alice Arnesson
Age: 23
Place of residence: Kävlinge South Sweden
Programme: The Master Programme in Architectural Engineering

Why did you choose to study The Master Programme in Architectural Engineering?

During my upbringing, I saw a lot of TV shows such as Finally Home and Bygglov and I think it can be a contributing factor to the fact that I have said that I want to become an architect since I was a kid. Therefore, when choosing a line for high school, Technology with a focus on community building and the environment was quite a given. During high school, I got to try out drawing plans and I thought it was fun. I also liked math a lot. When I started reading about architecture programs at universities and talked to architecture students, I started to question whether I was "sufficiently creative" so I looked up a course at Lund University of Technology. It made me feel "creative enough" and I thought it was fun. But when I went to university I still couldn't decide between an engineer and an architect because I liked to count as well. So when I found this education, where you get both and, I immediately felt that it was something for me!

How do you like the city of Luleå?

I enjoy it! I was a little worried about what I would think before moving up here. Many people talk about the snow and the dark. I don't think darkness is as dangerous as everyone seems to think. In everyday life I do not think that there is such a big difference compared to for example Skåne because it is also dark when you go to and from school! The big difference is on the weekend when you are home and it is kind of dusk all day but the snow lights up a bit. The fact that it is snow from about October to April was also a change for me but it is very fun to try to live in this climate and I have concluded that it is much better with snow than with rain and slush. If I have to say something negative with Luleå then it is that the nightlife is quite limited and that here is not so good shopping but you have it online nowadays.

What plans do you have after your studies?

Then I'll attack the career ladder!

Do you have any advice for future students here at the university?

Don´t think geographically when looking for university studies! I really hadn't thought of studying in Luleå but it happened to be so and I really enjoy it. There is, of course, a disadvantage when you study 1500 km from your home town, but I also think there is an advantage. Studying in a place other than their home town is a bit like living a double life. When I am here I have 100% focus on the courses, training and friends here and when I go home I make sure to give family and those friends all the attention. In this way I do not have to go around with bad conscience either because "I should study" or "I should be at that dinner".