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"The best thing about my job is that I get to be involved in shaping and building tomorrow's cities"

Published: 14 December 2020

Name: Andreas Storm |
Program: Master Programme in Civil Engineering with specialization in building

Trainee employment at NCC Infrastructure in Östergötland with office in Linköping. I am also involved in MTP, Master Trainee Program, at NCC.

Why did you choose to study this program?

I have always enjoyed building and constructing things. During my childhood, I played with Lego and built huts. During my studies at the university, my interest in concrete structures grew . After graduating, I took a sabbatical and traveled to South America. There I got to see up close how lack of infrastructure hampered the development of society. A non-functioning road network makes transport more difficult and puts a stop to the development of social welfare. I experienced long traffic jams which resulted in rescue vehicles not arriving, the quality of the roads being low which limited the cars' speeds and the water from the tap not being drinkable. Then I decided. I want to be involved in influencing and building tomorrow's society. A functioning infrastructure is the basis for a society to be able to develop. In Sweden, a large part of the infrastructure is outdated and will need to be restored in the near future and supplemented by new constructions. When I looked at educational alternatives, I stuck to civil engineering road and water construction specialization construction.

The opportunity for an internship was important to me when I was choosing education. The education here at LTU gave me exactly what I asked for. When I applied for an internship, I had to come up with a proposal for an internship according to the template that LTU has developed. What mainly made me choose NCC Östergötland was that they could give me the opportunity to develop in a good way and offer the elements that were in the internship. Another important part was the bright market for NCC Östergötland with construction projects in the county and with an Ostlänk that will be built in the near future. The internship provided a valuable insight into NCC's broad operations and gave an idea of what job opportunities one has after graduation.

The advantage of this education is that you get an internationally valid degree that provides opportunities to work abroad as well as in Sweden. The construction market is very strong and will be further developed. A growing population and a growing economy will contribute to the need for a functioning and expansive infrastructure.

What do you do at your current job?

I started at NCC Östergötland in connection with my internship for seven months. During the internship, I worked five months in production at various construction sites and two months at the specialist unit with calculation of tender projects and purchases. After my internship, I received good help from Jörgen Kernell, Production Manager NCC Östergötland, to choose specialization courses in my further education that could be useful to me in my future professional life. The internship led to a summer job when I worked with the production of parking garages that are built with tension beam systems. This led to my thesis at NCC Östergötland being about streamlining the construction of parking garages: "Streamlining parking garage constructions : A case study of tension beam systems" which was completed in 2020. My supervisor at LTU, Dr. Jarkko Erikshammar, has a large part in that the degree project became so useful and that NCC in the future can benefit greatly from it when building new parking garages.

"Andreas' ex-job has been very useful in our new project P-hus Neptunus. The degree project has contributed to optimizing the production cycle in the construction of parking garages with tension beam systems. The work has generated a feedback of experience between different departments within NCC, which is NCC's strength as a large company. Andreas will follow the different stages of the project during his trainee period. ” 

Jörgen Kernell, Production Manager for Civil Östergötland, NCC Infrastructure

Jag har nu en trainee-anställning inom MTP, Master Trainee Program, på NCC i Östergötland. Traineeprogrammet pågår i 18 månader med tillhörande mentorskapsprogram på ytterligare 12 månader. I programmet får man prova olika arbetsuppgifter i olika delar av organisationen. I dagsläget arbetar jag på inköpsavdelningen med inköp kopplat till NCC:s nya parkeringshus P-hus Neptunus i Linköping och med inköp till nya stadsutvecklingsprojektet Inre hamnen i Norrköping.

”En trainee hos oss på NCC kommer ha testat på olika yrkesroller inom organisationen och kommer därigenom att få en god förståelse och inblick i projektens olika skeden. Det leder till att studenten får en bra helhetsförståelse och därigenom kan arbeta mer självständigt efter traineeprogrammet. Under traineeperioden kommer personen att få en bättre förståelse för NCC som företag och dess varierande verksamhet.” - Jörgen Kernell, Produktionschef för Civil Östergötland NCC Infrastructure

Do you have any tips and advice for students on this program?

Study something that you think is fun and interesting because it usually leads to you getting more involved and getting more out of the education. Take part in student life and get to know new people. Do not forget to have fun. I've made friends for life. Sometimes the name of an education can be misleading. Do not stick to it. The Education Road and Water Construction provides a broad education with the opportunity to work in a large and varied industry.

Try to broaden your network during the training and find contacts in working life. If you already during your studies have contact with a future employer can get help with choosing courses and you are also more familiar with the work when you graduate.

I recommend doing a six-month internship to get a better understanding of their education and at the same time get new motivation for future courses. Be curious and dare to think new. Here you have the opportunity to meet your future employer already during your studies.