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IVA 100-lista 2020
From left: Fredrik Nikolajeff, Veronica Jägare, George Nikolakopoulos and Jerker Delsing. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Four Luleå researchers on IVA's 100 list

Published: 2 March 2020

With its 100 list of current research, the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, IVA, wants to highlight sustainability projects. Four researchers from Luleå University of Technology – Jerker Delsing, Veronica Jägare, Fredrik Nikolajeff and George Nikolakopoulos – are on the prestigious list.

– With IVA's 100 list, we want to shed light on the need for researchers and companies to find each other and collaborate on the social challenges we face. By building bridges between academia and business, we provide research with the potential to change the world, greater opportunity to translate into actual benefit and increase Swedish competitiveness, says Tuula Teeri, CEO of IVA.

The 100 list, the second in order, highlights research linked to sustainability. A total of 94 research projects from 27 universities are included. According to IVA, these are "selected to create value for companies or societies in the form of knowledge, processes, products and business development". The research that qualified for the list is applicable in any of the areas of smart industry, resource and energy efficiency, society and welfare, infrastructure, smart products and services, business models and circular economics.

Four researchers from Luleå University of Technology are on the list:

The 100 list is part of the IVA project Research2Business, R2B, which aims to make Sweden a leader in transforming academic research into innovation and competitiveness in business.
– The researchers' interest in being included in this year's 100 list has been great, which is a confirmation that what we are doing has significance, says Malin Mohr, project manager at IVA.

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