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New innovation provides more reliable railway traffic

Published: 27 July 2020

Professor Jan Lundberg, active in the field of operations and maintenance engineering at Luleå University of Technology, promises more reliable trains in the future with the help of his own invention. An application for a patent is submitted to the The Swedish Intellectual Property Office.

"A completely new method that enables automatic condition control and analysis of wear in the railway track gears, damage to the gearwheels, the direction of failure and if there is a risk of accidents due to so-called accelerated track gears. Everything is done in one and same innovation", says Jan Lundberg, who together with research colleague Taoufik Najeh developed this innovation.

This innovation, an information technology solution, uses artificial intelligence that, with self-learning algorithms and pattern recognition, analyzes the data in the form of vibration measurements to find deficiencies in systems before something breaks. Sensors detect the vibrations in the rail.

"Tests show very positive results that our invention is capable of predicting both wheel damage and wear and other damage everywhere in the railway track gear", says Jan Lundberg who can reached on phone 070-221 10 35.

One of the financiers in this project is Bombardier, one of the world's largest rail and transport companies.