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New working methods for innovative solutions within the urban transformation in Kiruna

Published: 12 February 2020

The new project Innovation platform for sustainable attractive cities will work to develop new working methods in order to better capture ideas and innovations in the urban transformation. The objective is to help Kiruna municipality to become more innovative in its processes. The project constellation that are involved, besides Kiruna municipality, are Luleå University of Technology and RISE.

“It is incredibly rewarding to be able to help Kiruna in such a tangible way to deal with the challenges they face with the urban transformation” says Johan Larson, senior lecturer at the Department of Industrial and Sustainable Construction at Luleå University of Technology.

Kiruna's goal is to build a sustainable and climate-neutral city in an arctic climate, which poses major challenges and need changes in many of their municipal processes during the urban transformation. An initial workshop was held in Kiruna between 27-28 January during which representatives from the project partners Luleå University of Technology (Johan Larsson SBN, Mats Westerberg ETS) and RISE together with strategic people from Kiruna's administrations and companies gathered to get to know each other but also draw up guidelines for the project.

“There is much that support innovation in Kiruna, among other things, the Kiruna residents have tremendous pride and patriotism. We see a great motivation to create something good for the future, which is really clear when you see the strong set of people that Kiruna involve in this project” says Johan Larsson.

The purpose of having Luleå University of Technology as project part is that they should act as process and innovation support in the system. Luleå University of Technology has long and good experience of collaborating with Kiruna, which makes them an attractive player to participate with in these type of projects.