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Photo: Joakim Ström

Sigge Thernwall's major construction award for 2020 to Thomas Blanksvärd

Published: 18 September 2020

Thomas Blanksvärd is an Associate Professor at Luleå University of Technology and a specialist and research and development manager at Skanska Sweden for the road and construction business line.

"It is very honorable to receive this recognition because you put a lot of time and energy into conducting research that is close to your heart", says Thomas Blanksvärd.

Thomas Blanksvärd, Luleå University of Technology Photo: Richard Renberg
Thomas Blanksvärd, Luleå University of Technology Photo: Richard Renberg

Sigge Thernwall's award is given every two years to enthusiasts who, with innovative solutions, have taken their and others' research from theory to practice and thus contributed to societal benefit. The prize is administered by Ramboll and the winners are chosen by the Academy of Engineering Sciences, IVA.

"Through their initiatives, the winners have contributed to the development of our industry, reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and increased efficiency with the help of new technology. It is an important contribution to the change we are in. Most important of all is that the insights contribute to a better society for all of us residents", says Niklas Sörensen, CEO of Ramboll and one of the members of the award committee.

The prize is SEK 1 million and will promote research and development, primarily in civil engineering. Sigge Thernwall's Award 2020 was shared by three researchers: Joakim Jeppsson, Georgia Destouni and Thomas Blanksvärd.

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Thomas Blanksvärd

Thomas Blanksvärd, Associate Professor

Organisation: Structural Engineering, Structural and Fire Engineering, Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering