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Swedtrains examenspris
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Students at Luleå University of Technology receives Swedtrains award for best thesis project

Published: 8 April 2020

Every year Swedtrain, the industry association for the Swedish railway industry, awards a prize for best thesis project in railway technology and this year the prize goes to two former students at Luleå University of Technology.

Caroline Hägglund from Luleå and Oscar Jonsson from Sollefteå have studied civil engineering, industrial economics with a focus on quality technology at Luleå University of Technology and together wrote the thesis project: "Condition-based maintenance of railway switches using statistical process control : A case study using DMAIC approach". Now the thesis project project wins the prize.

- It was a coincidence that it became a railway, something that none of us had worked with before, says Oscar Jonsson.

Writing together was something that wasn´t sure, but in the end Caroline Hägglund and Oscar Jonsson decided to look for ex-jobs together and ended up at the technology consultant Sweco in Luleå. They both thought it was good to write the work together. But at the same time it could be difficult with two different oppinions, which turned out to be their strength.

- We saw different sides of the project and that meant that we discussed a lot and did not always agree. This led to that when we presented proposals to our supervisor, we had already looked at the project from different angles and were able to present different scenarios, says Caroline Hägglund.

Today they look back at the time at Luleå University of Technology with joy. Caroline Hägglund continues to work in Luleå at Sweco and gets to work on projects in the same area as during the ex-job. Oscar Jonsson also continued on the same track and ended up at the Swedish Transport Administration in Umeå. They both already felt like a winner when the thesis project was finished and winning a prize for it is something they both thought was very fun.

- The rail industry is quite conservative, it is knowledge that has been managed for a long time and then it is so fun to get such recognition that what we have done is good!” Says Caroline Hägglund about the award.