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Unique snow igloo was inaugurated at the university

Published: 28 February 2020

The inauguration of this year's igloo building, designed and built by students at Luleå University of Technology, attracted both students and the general public. The igloo will now be open and available for booking during the rest of the winter season.

Anders Berglund, Lecturer in Industrial Design at Luleå University of Technology, believes that the igloo can help the university gain international attention and attract more students and tourists.

- There is a steady stream of visitors. It's great fun that international students have built it and that there are a lot of international students here now. They will bring this experience with them and talk about it at home.

The igloo, which is called "The Sphaere", is designed by Jennie Olausson and Emma Åsberg, students at the university's Bachelor Programme in Industrial Design Engineering. Their vision was to create a unique, sustainable meeting place where students, staff and visitors can gather to socialize, have meetings and invite visitors at international events, says Jennie Olausson.

- We wanted to create something welcoming and warm that meets the cold of Luleå's winter landscape. On the inside you see hexagon shapes and they have a symbolism in this project - the shape symbolizes snow crystals, which was our idea for this igloo.

Nina Lintzén, Associate Senior Lecturer in Soil Mechanics at Luleå University of Technology, is the examiner of the course Snow and Ice where the students have been assigned to build the igloo. She believes that the project is a good example of being able to collaborate between different university programs and highlight our research on snow, ice and cold.

- We are probably leading the research when it comes to looking at snow properties and characterizing snow. We are also good at building with snow - something that is becoming increasingly popular and in demand.

Nina Lintzén says it is fun that the university can showcase a snow construction that symbolizes snow, ice and cold.

Students and staff can book the igloo for meetings or social gatherings between 8:30-15:30, as long as the igloo is considered safe during the winter season. It is open to the public weekdays between 10:00-14:30, but bookings take precedence during those hours.