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Innovators of the Year 2021

Published: 11 November 2021

The students behind Containing Greens receive the award as student innovators of the year at Luleå University of Technology for their work with hydroponic crops. The innovator research award goes to Jesper Martinsson and Wille Törnman for an innovation that contributes to a more sustainable mining.

With the Innovator of the Year award, Luleå University of Technology wants to draw attention to a student, researcher or employee who has taken an idea further for the benefit of the surrounding society, and who has been creative, innovative, driven, visionary, committed and entrepreneurial.

The 2021 Student Award goes to Moa Johansson, Ellinor Emilsson and Adrian Mellgren, who with Containing Greens have developed a scalable solution for growing vegetables and herbs in a resource-efficient way, all year round, in an Arctic climate. By using waste heat from industry for hydroponic cultivation, communities with cold climates can become more self-sufficient and sustainable.

– Being named this year's innovators at Luleå University of Technology came as a bit of a shock. Our journey with Containing Greens took off 1.5 years ago and since then the development has been fast. More and more people have opened their eyes to our idea and for us to be part of the transformation to a greener future feels big and important, says Containing Green's CEO Moa Johansson, who studied political science at Luleå University of Technology.
Colleagues Adrian Mellgren and Ellinor Emilsson have studied the master programmes in sustainable energy engineering and civil engineering.

Predict seismic events

Jesper Martinsson, associate professor of applied mathematics, and Wille Törnman, researcher in mining and rock engineering, recieve the research award for commercializing their research results and developing a product that can predict seismic events and reduce the risk of injury to both people and equipment in mining environments. They have signed a cooperation agreement with LKAB and will complete the product together with them.

– It feels incredibly honoring, it's always fun when your work is appreciated. Jesper and I have done research together with LKAB for many years and we have now finally taken the step fully to commercialize the results. The road to commercialization has been long, but with the help of LTU Business we have managed to reach it. I look forward to our research benefiting the mining companies, says Wille Törnman.

Text: Johannes Hellqvist

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